Operational Assistance

Securing claimed results

One of the two diagnostic team member takes in charge the implementation of the plan.

She/he woorks in cooperation with the manager in place or if needed she/he will take the full operational leadership and responsbility. Missions duration is very flexible (from 6 to 9 months), as time required for the effective implementation of the decided actions and the final hand-over.

The other partner will act as Controleur to assure a good execution of the mission and the forecasted quantified results.

Formal revues are planned between the both partners.

All the missions will benefit from collective experience of each D&I partner.

A common review gathering all the partners is taking place monthly including formal presentation of the realized improvement achieved for each mission with comparison between forecasted results.

On the company side formal meeting is held twice a quarter, with shareholders or steering committee, to communicate about the action plan progress.

In addition, periodic business reviews are taking place.

Such methodology will assure the best and most effective execution of the mission.

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