Operational diagnostic

A two-person team at work

Preparing the diagnostic

Two objectives are sought :

  • Identify root causes behind problems and malfunctions as well as key success factors for the company
  • Draw up a clear and quantified improvement plan for operational performance or turnaround (usually for a 12 to 24 month period).

The diagnostic is always conducted by a team of 2 to 3 partners in order to secure the quality and relevance of our conclusions.

The diagnostic requires 5 to 6 weeks and includes a mid-term critical review. A detailed and formal final report is handed in to corporate constituents.

Communicating about the diagnostic

In agreement with the CEO in place, D&I can be entrusted with the conduct of an Action Plan. The operation diagnostic itself and the corresponding Action Plan are then detailed to operational managers, key corporate actors and more generally to all stakeholders involved. These explanations aim to assure broad acceptance and forthcoming dedication to the program.

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