Our expertise

Operational assistance for companies
facing unusual or critical  situations
and confronted with some severe difficulties.



Through their lifecycle, companies may face unusual or even exceptional situations : lack of performance or competitive offset, business plan disruption, social or financial difficulties, merge, acquisition, spin-off, carve out ...



Companies are facing exceptional difficulties jeopardizing their futur and perenity : fondamental crisis, deep lack of performance, treasory

Two intervention modes

“CEO’s Roadbook”, the diagnostic fully answers the problematic.

As a coach of the existing CEO or acting directly with or without social mandat, Dirigeants & Investisseurs Partners will manage the operations as described in the diagnostic.

Factors of success


Collegial monitoring between partners is applied on each mission so to achieve the assigned objectives.

Seniority and experience

Based on their seniority and experience the Dirigeants & Partners  will act with pertinence in complex and difficult situations.

Our partners as the only actors

In oppostion with traditional interim management firms model, our missions are executed exclusively by our partners so insuring quality and reliability.

Dirigeants & Investisseurs key figures
More than
social mandats

Through their lifecycle, companies may face unusual or even exceptional situations. These challenges can be quite disruptive.

Top performers in their area of expertise, leaders in place may feel themselves destabilized and unconfortable . Overcoming exceptional situations temporarily requires very specific expertise and skills, at the core of D&I’s know-how.

A multi-sector expertise

As specialists of unusual and even exceptional situations, D&I partners operate in many sectors…

… including all types of industries such as agro-food, construction, specialty electronics, luxury, clothing, textile, business services, vocational training, distribution/retail, as well as high techs companies such as medtechs, cleantechs, webtechs…


  • Automotive industry
    • Automotive suppliers
    • Industrial Optics
    • Automotive subcontractors
    • Press activities
    • Machining and processing
    • Injection molding
    • Distribution of spare parts
    • Surface coating
    • Equipment for motorhomes
    • Multi-brand dealerships
  • Metallurgy
    • Manufacturing of specialty alloys
  • Mechanics
    • Manufacturing and distributing cutting tools
  • Wood industry
    • Integrated industries of wood and paper
    • Logging and forestry, housing, packaging, fuel, paper and technical coatings
    • Peeling
    • Plywood production
  • Armaments sector
    • Military and civilian vehicles
  • Chemistry
    • Pharmaceutical industry
    • Design and manufacturing of chemical reactors

Agro-food industries

  • Bakery products                            Industrial manufacturing and distribution
  • Pizzas and pies                                Industrial manufacturing and distribution
  • Pet food                                        Industrial manufacturing and distribution
  • Catering                                        Catering for an airline company
  • Delicatessen                                 Industrial manufacturing and distribution
  • Wine industry                                Wine distribution

Building and housing

  • Roofing / Cladding                   Technical roofing
  • Prefabricated units                   Prefabricated bathing cabins for local authorities
  • Coatings                                   Technical coatings
  • Framing                                    Steel frame
  • Metalwork                                 Custom metalwork
  • Paints and technical surfaces   Technical coatings, paintings
  • Bathrooms, toilets                     Design and distribution of furniture
  • Doors, gates                             Garage doors
  • Seats for entertainment theatres Design, product development, manufacturing and distribution of specialised seats
  • Doors, gates                             Garage doors


  • Cosmetics                                Cosmetics laboratory
  • Subcontracting                         Laboratories for specialized cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals products        Distribution of pharmaceutical products
  • High-tech pharmacy                 Contract research
  • Dentists                                    Franchised dentists
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacy                                 Franchised pharmacies
  • Hospitals
  • Medical implants                    Design and manufacturing of implants
  • Medical equipment             Distribution of ophthalmological instruments
  • Medical equipements             Design and distribution of equipment for ophthalmics, optometry and the ophthalmic optics industry
  • Clinics                                    Network of clinics
  • Sanitary consomabless          Sanitary consumables for hospitals and clinics

Luxury, Clothing and Textile

  • Jewels
    Manufacture and sale of jewels
  • Jewels, perfumes
    Distribution of jewels and perfumes
  • Jewels
    Distribution of jewels
  • Luxury decorative items
    Distribution of decorative items
  • Tapestry
    Design, manufacturing and distribution f crafted tapestries
  • Cosmetics, perfumes
    Manufacturing and distribution
  • Cosmetics
    Trade in cosmetics
  • Uniforms
    Design and manufacturing of uniforms

Business services

  • Financial services
    Stock pledge
  • Ship repair
    Repair and maintenance of liners
  • Business intelligence
    Business intelligence services

Vocational training

  • Traditional training
  • Home training
  • Online training


  • Remote management systems
    Remote management systems applied to road signs
  • High-tech videos
    Innovative B2B video solutions
  • Design and manufacturing
    Power electronics
  • Engineering
    Power electronics
  • Electronic subcontracting
    Design and manufacturing of electronics
  • Nuclear energy
    Metrology in nuclear facilities
  • Technical lasers
    Design and distribution of specialised lasers
  • Aeronautics
    Expert small tools
  • Engineering
    Specialised processing


  • E-commerce
    Websites design
  • Webtech
    B2B interfacing with marketplaces
  • Webtech
    Dynamic design of pages based on auto adaptative algorithms (layout and content)
  • Webtech
    Management system of shared databases


  • Cleantech
    Intelligent waste processing
  • Cleantech
    Waste recycling for fuel production
  • Cleantech
    Design of innovative housing made of eco-friendly high-performing materials
  • Cleantech
    Design and manufacturing of windmills

Mass retail / specialised retail

  • Malls of mass market food retailers
    Retail and logistics
  • Household appliances
    Distribution of household appliances
  • Electrical equipment
    Distribution of electrical equipment
  • B2C framing
    Distribution and installation of frames
  • Furnishing and decoration
    Distribution, furnihing and decoration
  • Kitchenware
    Distribution of kitchen items


  • Individual equipments
    Conception and manufacturing of bikes for mainstream brands
  • Property management
    B2B property management
  • Printing
    Printing of high-end commercial brochures
  • Journalism
    Exploitation of photographic bases
  • Hotel industry
    Network of hotels
  • Luxury hotel industry
    Professional cleaning